Ep4: John Bura

John Bura, the man behind the famous development course brand named Mammoth Interactive. John explains how he releases apps and makes courses at the same time to make him a better developer and entrepreneur. He also explains how simpler is better when it comes to coding. make courses that you’d want to watch yourself. Make […]

ep3: Dennis Smith writing the daily life of a Udemy instructor and more

Dennis, a social media expert and marketing author took his skills on Udemy to create course and to market them. Learn how he has created automated systems that bring in monthly profit on autopilot Go to If you enjoyed this episode, and you found any kind of value, please, go to iTunes and write this podcast a […]

Task: Add a new YouTube channel

  Task for business owner. As a business entity, prior to do anything on YouTube, you will need to create new YouTube channel to host your business under one umbrella. Here is how:  

Ep 2: Udemy instructors mistakes – Marc Isaacson

Marc Isaacson talks about the mistakes Udemy instructors make such as launching a course then marketing it. Marc outlines efficient ways to promote your courses and even how to come up with new courses that sell. And so many more topics, must listen, it’s free!   Topics discussed in this podcast episode: Multi purposing your course […]

Ep1: Meet Udemy Instructor Scott Paton

Scott came up with a strategy to take advantage of the educational announcements on Udemy to create SEO that works for you. Also hear how you can use reward systems to boost student engagement. We’ll talk about how to use Udemy as a lead generation platform and how to sell products and services.   Podcast for Free […]

The Business of online Teaching on Udemy Episode Pilot

  Meet your podcast host Yohann. Yohann is an online instructor who has been teaching on Udemy for several years and wants to turn his Udemy adventure into a sustainable business. Udemy instructors will give their opinion, feedback on their strategies, tell us what has worked for them and what did not. They will also […]

Captain Rocket Source Code App Reskinning Webinar

App Reskinning source code Webinar The Captain Rocket game source code clone has been developed with Unity 5 to work on iOS and Android phones.     Made for Reskinning with minimal amount of images and re-usable sounds, this game source code clone contains the following amazing features: Track Scores World Best Scores Replay Level […]

How to submit your Apple Watch App

Apple Watch submission process Here are basic steps on how to publish your Apple Watch app to the app store: 1. Make sure the App version and build number is the same in all 3 Targets. 2. Go to Build Settings, make sure you have “Strip Debug Symbols during Copy” set to No on both […]