Delegate Tasks


Every online business has a bucket-load of tasks that are repetitive. These tasks can easily be documented then delegated to someone else or in our case, a virtual assistant. By doing so, you will be able to free up your time and focus on more important part of your business. Remember, successful entrepreneurs work “on the business”, not “in the business”.

We have documented the lifecycle of the creation of a course, whether it is a Udemy course or an online course on any other platform.

Below you will find a constantly growing list of tasks that can be delegated. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to delegate your tasks to a trustworthy affordable virtual assistant.

Focus on the 20% that make your business unique. Let us handle the other 80%


Preliminary tasks:

All the one-offs pertaining to laying out the ground work around your specific project

How to add a new YouTube channel


Recurring Tasks:

You have the recipe for success, but there is this series of tasks needed to be performed every so often in order to scale your idea into a viable, sustainable business.


How to Promote a Udemy course on YouTube


How to add a teacher assistant as a co author to a Udemy course