How to submit your Apple Watch App

Apple Watch submission process

Here are basic steps on how to publish your Apple Watch app to the app store:

1. Make sure the App version and build number is the same in all 3 Targets.

2. Go to Build Settings, make sure you have “Strip Debug Symbols during Copy” set to No on both the iPhone app and the watchkit extension.

3. create a new distribution provisioning profile in the Member Center, download it and refresh it in Xcode (Preferences-Acounts-Sync button).

4.Select your iPhone app Target, set the schema to device, and Product-Archive. Validate, and accept all the defaults. If all good then just submit to App Store. It will pick up all the Watch Target binaries automatically.

5.If your binary says “invalid”, check your email. Most likely it will say that your Watchkit app icons contain alpha channels. If so, remove it from your Watchkit Asset App Icons only. Then, change the build number on all 3 targets before resubmitting.

You will see a new Watch section in your new app/ app version to add screenshots, etc.