Create a “4 Pics 1 Word” iPhone Game Clone

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Create your own "4 Pics 1 Word" iPhone Game Clone

In this iOS app development tutorial, you will publish your own version of the "4 Pics 1 Word" iPhone Game in the Apple iTunes's app store
With this tutorial, you also get the full source code of a game clone called 4 Pics 1 Word.
This is an iPhone game in which you are shown 4 images and you need to guess what is the hidden word for these pictures. This is a very addictive, yet simple game.
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Enjoy the tutorial!

Download the 4 pics 1 word source code
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1. Apple Developer Registration

4 pics 1 word game ios app development tutorial
In order to create and submit your 4 pics 1 word game to the app store, you need to register with Apple and create a developer account.

2. Get XCode Tool

4 pics 1 word game Xcode
Get and Install Xcode tool and open it. This is the software you will need to make your 4 pics 1 word game.

3. iOS Distribution Certificate

apple certificate 4 pics 1 word
You need an Apple certificate to build games and apps and publish them to the Apple app store.

4. Provisioning Profile

set up provisioning profiles 4 pics 1 word
Let's now create an app ID and set up our provisioning profiles.

5. Download Source Code

4 pics 1 word ios app development tutorial
Let's download the 4 pics 1 word source code at the top of this app tutorial section. Run the game and make sure it works in the iPhone simulator.

6. Source Code Folder Structure

4 pics 1 word ios game video course
We will now get familiar with the 4 pics 1 word source code folder structure.

7. Modifying List of Words

4 pics one word list of wirds to find
Let's now modify the list of words to find (one per level).

8. Creating list of letters to press

ios programming tutorial 4 pics 1 word
We will now be modifying the letters to press for each level.

9. Creating the list of hints

create hint list ios 4 pics 1 word game
Let's now handle the list of hints.

10. Modifying Main Level Images

ios development tutorial 4 pics 1 word images
In this lecture, we will show you how to modify the images you see in the game.

11. Customizing Game Interface

4 pics 1 word source code game interface
We are pretty much done with the game graphics and content. Let's now customize the game interface (HUD).

12. Creating App Icon

create game icons ios app development tutorial
We are now going to create the game icons.