Create a Stick Hero iPhone game Clone Page 3

iOS App Development Tutorial Section

Create your own Stick Hero Game Clone - Page 3

25. Create screenshots for all screen sizes

how to create screenshots for iOS games
In this video, you will learn how to add screenshots for all screen sizes.

26. Google Admob banner settings

Google Admob banner settings
In this app video tutorial, you will learn to modify the Google Admob advertising banner settings.

27. Chartboost advertising network settings

ios programming app tutorial videos
In this lecture, you will learn how to add chartboost interstitial ads ID and signature settings

28. Preparing Itunes connect settings

how to program iPhone game from scratch
Learn how to prepare the iTunes connect settings to publish your app.

29. Launch the Archive process in xCode

Learn to program ios video tutorial
Learn how to start the Archiving process in xCode tool.

30. Upload the archived executable to iTunes connect

how to make iPhone games video tutorials
Learn how to upload the archived file into the itunes connect system.

31. Final step to submit the app for review

iOS app development tutorials for games
Learn how to finalize the app submission process.