Create a Stick Hero iPhone game Clone

iOS App Development Tutorial Section

In this iOS app development tutorial, you will learn to reskin your own iPhone game version of a great game called "Stick Hero" and publish it in the Apple app store.
With this tutorial, you also get the full source code of this Stick Hero game clone.
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Enjoy the tutorial!

Download the Stick Hero source code clone
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1.Stick Hero course overview

Stick Hero iPhone game development
This video is about getting to know your instructor and get an in-depth overview of the course.

2. Get the iOS dev license

How to get Apple Developer license
You will need an Apple developer license to be able to publish apps in the iTunes app store.

3. Download Xcode tool and open it

How to get Xcode development tool
Get a software called Xcode. It will be used to build your games after creating an executable file.

4. Create the iOS certificate

ios programming tutorial apple certificates
You need an Apple certificate to build games and apps and publish them to the Apple app store.

5. Create the app provisioning profile

Create a good iPhone game
Let's now create an app ID and set up our provisioning profiles.

6. Download Stick Hero Source Code

Stick Hero app source code
In this lecture, you will learn how to download the Stick Hero app source code and open it in Xcode.

7. Source code Overview

ios app development tutorial stick hero game
We now will look at the Stick Hero folder structure and assets, as well as preparing the graphic theme.

8. Preparing Assets with Photoshop

iOS Programming tutorial videos
Let's preparing the assets used to edit the main character. We are going to use Photoshop for that. You may use any graphic editor tool of your choice.

9. Create the main character graphics

ios game development beginners
You will now learn to draw the main character image using Photoshop.

10. Hero character walk animation

Learn to code games for iOS
In this video tutorial, we will show you how to animate the hero character by creating the walk animation.

11. Testing the main character in the iPhone simulator

how to test your game in the iPhone simulator
The main character walk animation has now been completed. Let's give it a shot in the iPhone simulator.

12. Drawing the floor platforms as building

Create your iPhone game from scratch easy
In this lecture, you will learn how to draw the floor platforms using Photoshop.