Create a Calculator app with Swift Page 3

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Build a Calculator App with Swift - Page 3

21. Create variables

calculator store values iOS developer tutorial
In this video, we now want to create some variables to store some specific values

22. Action 'Operation Pressed' - part 1

calculator operation pressed iOS app developement tutorial
In this video, we will take care of the other operation buttons. We will connect an action whenever these are tapped

23. Action 'Operation Pressed' - part 2

iOS developer tutorial calculator operator tapped
In this lecture, we will continue to work on the operation buttons.

24. Action 'Operation Pressed' - part 3

calculator procedures calls iOS app developement tutorial
In this video, we continue with the different procedures on the operation buttons

25. Connecting Operation Buttons to Code

iOS developer tutorial calculator Connecting Operation Buttons to Code
In this lecture, we will be adding targets to the calculator operation buttons

26. Action 'Operation Pressed' - part 4

iOS app developement tutorial calculator sub action calls
In this video, we will keep on working on the sub actions that are getting called whenever we trigger the action operationPressed

27. Update the "Number Pressed" action

iOS developer tutorial calculator update variables
We will now go back to our numberPressed function as we need to still take care of a few variables

28. Create the Clear action

create clear action iOS app developement tutorial
In this video lesson, we will handle the clear button. We want to trigger an action in the code that will remove the numbers and substitute it with a zero whenever the user presses "clear"

29. Connect Clear button to Clear action

connect clear button action iOS video tutorial
We will now connect the Clear button to the code and add a new target

30. Final code modifications

calculator code modifications iOS developement tutorial swift
In this video tutorial, we will be adjusting our code and doing some modifications to our operationPressed function.

31. Testing the Final Calculator app

iOS tutorial test calculator app
In this final lesson, we will press a few buttons and make some sample operations to test the calculator app (no sound)