Create a Calculator app with Swift

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Build a Calculator App with Swift

This iOS app development tutorial is a hands on course in which you will be learning the concept of the Swift language and get started quickly.
In this course, we will show you how to set up and install the software to start using swift, where to get the developer license, how to build iPhone and iPad user interface layouts such as labels and buttons.
You will learn about interactivity between the screen elements and the code itself. We intended to use in this tutorial the visual tools over coding as we minimize the programming part and keep it simple.
The project files are provided below individual tutorials below. When you are done with this course, you will have created your own iOS Calculator app ready to be published in the App Store.
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Download the Calculator App with Swift project files zip here
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1. Getting started

iOS Tutorial course Xcode 6 Beta
In this intro course, we are letting you know that prior to August 2014, XCode 6 and iOS 8 are only available in Beta version. In order to have acces to it, you would need to become an Apple Developer.

2. How to become an Apple developer

iOS app development tutorial become Apple Developer
In this lecture, we will show you how to register and become an Apple Developer

3. Download XCode 6 Beta with iOS 8

iOS video tutorial Download XCode 6 Beta iOS 8
After becoming an Apple Developer, we will now be downloading XCode 6 Beta with the iOS 8 frameworks

4. Open Xcode 6 Beta

iOS developer tutorial
You will now select the Xcode 6 Beta version and launch it

5. You first iOS 8 Swift Project

learn iOS developer tutorial
In this tutorial, you will be creating your very first iOS 8 XCode project with Swift in Xcode

6. Creating uilabels with Swift

create calculator app
In this lecture, we will create labels with the XCode 6 / iOS 8 interface builder tool

7. Constraints quick overview

Swift constraints iOS app development tutorial
In this lecture, we are going to learn what constraints are and how to use them.

8. Interface outlet to connect label

label iboulet code iOS app development tutorial
In this lecture, we will be creating an interface outlet to connect label to code.

9. Creating a button

Swift create button iOS app development tutorial
In this lecture, we are going to create our first button with Swift

10. Trigger a button action

learn ios programming app development tutorial
In this lecture, we will be triggering an action when a user pressed the UIButton.