Create a Candy Crush game clone for iPhone

iOS App Development Tutorial Section

Create a Candy Crush game clone for iPhone

In this iOS app development tutorial, you will learn to make a Candy Crush game clone for iPhone.
You will go through the entire process of making the game without missing any step.
We will then set up and install the game from the source code (included with this iOS video tutorial). We will then run the game in the simulator and modify the graphics.
We're also going to set up some Advertising Networks so you can monetize your game as well.
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Enjoy the tutorial!

Download the Match 3 source code and extra assets files
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1. Course Overview

Candy Crush game source code clone ios tutorial
You are provided with a Candy Crush game source code clone and you will be guided, step by step, on how to customize the game graphics, the sounds, and the settings.

2. Apple Developer Registration

create apple developer account candy crush game
In order to create and submit your Candy Crush game to the app store, you need to register with Apple and create a developer account.

3. Get and Install Xcode

install get xcode ios programming tutorial
Get and Install Xcode tool and open it. This is the software you will need to make your Candy Crush game.

4. Game Source Code Setup

match 3 candy crush source code video tutorial
Let's make sure that the game works first. Let's download the Match 3 source code at the top of this section and unzip it.

5. Quick Troubleshoot iOS 7.1+

troubleshooting iOS issues xcode
Some people are having issues with the new Xcode and iOS7.1, this lectures addresses the issues.

6. Distribution Certificates

You will need an Apple certificate to build games and apps and publish them to the Apple app store.

7. Provisioning Profiles

provisioning profiles set up candy crush game
Let's now create an app ID and set up our provisioning profiles.

8. Advertising Accounts Setup

set up advertising networks account
This lecture talks about setting up advertising networks. There will be a reference to a Pinball game, however, the process to set up advertising accounts remains the same among games.

9. Match 3 Game Setup

match 3 candy crush game clone setup tutorial
We are now going to gather multiple game settings for the Match 3 Game Setup.

10. Modifying Icons and Launch Images

modify match 3 game source code icons
Let's now modify the Match 3 icons and launch images.

11. Customizing Game Images

modify match 3 core images
We will now modify the core images, which are the images within the game.

12. Modifying Game Sounds

match 3 game source code sound effects
Let's now work on the sound effects.