Create a Casino Slot Machine Apple Watch with Objective-C Page 2

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Create a Casino Slot Machine Apple Watch with Objective-C Page 2

13. Collection of array of items

video course apple watch app collection
We now need to update the images to the next image and rotate the sequence of images.

14. Programming the arrays

casino slot machine watch app tutorial course
In this lecture, we need to set which image is being used when the watch app is launches and keep track of the others.

15. Programming the logic

ios programming tutorial casino apple watch app
We need to program the logic. We will be using the update method to rotate the images and code the selected item.

16. Programming the code - part 1

spin casino slot machine images watch app
Let's now create the action and add it to the code that calls the three logic points.

17. Programming the logic - part 2

ios programming tutorial slot machine apple watch app
Now that we are done with the logic, we need to take care of the index row.

18. Stop slots from spinning

stop spin casino slot machine watch app
Let's now focus on programming the logic to stop the slots from spinning.

19. Defining win values

tutorial casino watch app spin win
Once the slots are done spinning, we still need to calculate the score to check whether the user won any money or not.

20. Score 3 items in a row

calculate score casino watch app
So far, we've created the logic that tells how many points we get each time we get two or three items in a row. We now need to write it within the CalculateScore function.

21. Score 2 items in a row

casino apple watch app calculate score
We have so far the logic when we have three items in a row. We will now add the logic when we have two identical items in a row.

22. Display win text

casino watch app display win text
Whenever the player wins, we'd like to display some text that says what actually just happened on the screen.

23. Change WIN text color

win button color casino apple watch app
We are now going to make the button a bit more pretty. We will change the color of the spin button whenever the player wins.

24. Row blink on win

row blink win casino watch app tutorial
We will finally focus on making the middle row blink for a few seconds when the player wins.