Create a Casino Slot Machine Apple Watch with Objective-C

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Create a Casino Slot Machine Apple Watch with Objective-C

This iOS app development tutorial will teach you how to create your a Casino slot machine Apple Watch App using Objective-C from scratch. We will set up the Xcode project where all the files will reside. We are going to be adding slot machine images and create a spin button. Align three in a row and you win!
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1. Intro Casino Slot Machine project

Casino Slot Machine Apple Watch app Objective-C
In this video lecture, we will demo and the casino slot machine apple watch app project.

2. Download Xcode software

Apple watch apps tutorial download Xcode
In order to make Apple watch apps, we need a software called Xcode. Let's download it

3. Create the Apple watch project

run Xcode apple watch simulator course
In this lecture, we are going to create our watch app project with Xcode and run it in the Apple watch simulator.

4. Add resource images

add images Xcode apple watch app project
We will now add the resource images to the watch app xcode project.

5. Creating user interface

apple watch app user interface casino slot machine
Let's now focus on creating the user interface of our slot machine watch app.

6. Verify user interface

verify user interface apple watch app
In this video, we will verify that the user interface runs smoothly in the apple watch simulator.

7. Connecting interface elements - part 1

animate slot machine apple watch app
We now need to connect the slot machine images to the code.

8. Connecting interface elements - part 2

ios app development tutorial apple watch
What we want to do now is connect the slot machine spin button and the score label.

9. Trigger the spin button

trigger spin button slot machine apple watch app
We now need to trigger the action when the spin button is pressed.

10. Keeping track of the tokens

slot machine watch app currency score tokens
Each time the slot machine button is pressed, we need a way to keep track of the currency score tokens.

11. Preparing the spinning slots

animate casino slot machine watch app tutorial
At this point, we have the currency score tokens decreasing properly. We now need to write the logic that makes the slots column spin and animate.

12. Coding the Update action

casino apple watch app tutorial
Now that the logic is taken care of, we now need to make the slots spin.