Create a classic arcade iPhone game clone Page 2

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Create a classic arcade iPhone game clone - Page 2

15. Taking Game Screenshots

how to take screenshots ios games tutorial
Let's now focus on taking game screenshots.

16. Changing the Background Music

ios brick games change background music
We now might want to change the game background music and the sound effects.

17. Creating game in iTunes Connect

iTunes Connect game settings tutorial
The game is nearing completion. Let's create the settings in the iTunes Connect website.

18. Modifying Game Name and Version

iTunes connect brick game ios course
Let's change the game title within Xcode and the version number that matches the one we have in iTunes Connect.

19. Setting up in-app purchases

ios brick game in-app purchases
We will now set up the in-app purchases.

20. Updating Settings in Itunes Connect

submit ios brick game app store
We are now working on getting our last settings finalized before publishing our game to the app store.

21. Testing the Game

testing ios brick game works itunes app store
Let's take the game one last time. It's always a good habit to do some testing before releasing it in the app store.

22. Uploading the Game Executable File

upload archive organizer ios brick game
We are now getting ready to submit the game to an Apple technician who will review it before releasing it in the app store.

23. Taking it to the Next Level

resking arcade brick game tutorial
Taking it to the Next Level: the Pro Edition Source Code

24. Growing Your Mobile App Portfolio

expand grow mobile app portfolio
What you may want to do next is to expand and grow your mobile app portfolio.

25. Finding the Best Game Theme

mobile apps game trends
How to anticipate upcoming trends and what can we do about it.

26. Mobile App Flipping Podcast

mobile app industry app flipping podcast
You may also find interesting materials about the mobile app industry via the Mobile App Flipping Podcast.

27. Latest Trends and Deals

mobile app reskinning trends
Get some information about mobile app reskinning.

28. Top Icon Templates

professional game icon templates
Going professional with top icon templates improves your chance at getting noticed. This is the first thing a user sees in the app store.