Create a classic arcade iPhone game clone

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Create a classic arcade iPhone game clone

In this iOS app development tutorial, you will learn to make a classic arcade iPhone game clone and publish it to the App Store.
This iOS video course gives you the source code of a clone of the classic arcade game called Break out and Arkanoid game.
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Enjoy the tutorial!

Download the Arcade Brick source code and PSD files
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1. Apple Registration Process

how to get apple developer license
You will need an Apple developer license to be able to publish apps in the iTunes app store

2. Apple Developer Certificate

app development tutorial brick game ios
You need an Apple certificate to build games and apps and publish them to the Apple app store.

3. Get and Install Xcode

how to get xcode ios programming tutorial
Get a software called Xcode. It will be used to build games after creating an executable file.

4. Verifying the Game Works

Brick Breaker Arkanoid source code tutorial
In this lecture, we will download and unzip the Brick Breaker source code (Download it above before the video lectures).

5. Quick Troubleshoot iOS 7.1

fix ios xcode issues tutorial
Some people are having issues with the new Xcode and iOS7.1, this lectures addresses the issues.

6. Coming Up With a New Theme

reskin game source code add theme
After testing and making sure that the game is working, we need to come up with a new theme for the game and add our own twist.

7. Finding Graphics for the Bricks

find graphics ios brick game tutorial
After selecting our own theme, we now are going to look for graphics for the Bricks.

8. Finding Background Images

arcade brick game ios video tutorial course
Let's now change the background of our Arcade Brick game.

9. Finding a new Ball Graphics

change the brick game ball graphics
Let's find new game graphics for the ball.

10. Creating the App Icon With Photoshop

ios game icons multiple sizes
We need to create the game icons which come in different sizes.

11. Creating Brick Images

ios programming tutorial ios brick game
In this lecture, we will modify the bricks and create our own images.

12. Modifying the Ball Image

change ball graohic asset brick game arkanoid
Let's now head to the "moving-items" folder within Xcode and change the graphics of the ball in Photoshop (or any other graphic editor).

13. Adding the Background Images

modify game background image ios brick game
We will now change the background image with the one we downloaded earlier.

14. Modifying the Launch Images

launch image xcode ios app development tutorial
Whenever the game launches, you will see the splash screen, or the launch image. Let's modify it.