Create a Flappy Bird game clone for iPhone

iOS App Development Tutorial Section

In this iOS app development tutorial, you will learn to create and publish your own Flappy Bird game clone for iPhone without programming.
This course gives you the source code to create a clone of the ultra famous Flappy Bird game for iPhone. We will show every single step it takes to turn the existing game into your very own. You can apply any theme that you want. Some examples are Flappy Angel, demons, ducks, or penguins. Your imagination is the limit!
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Download the Flappy Bird source code clone
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1. Apple Registration Process

create flappy bird app clone ios app
You will need to create a developer account with Apple in order to create apps and games, to then publish in the iTunes app store.

2. iOS Distribution Certificate

ios flappy bird clone mobile app
Apple needs to know that you're the one who owns the game. You will need to create a bundle ID and an iOS certificate.

3. Get Xcode Tool

flappy bird app development tutorial
We need a tool called Xcode to be able to customize your app or game.

4. Download the source code

flappy bird source code video tutorial
In this lecture, we will download the source code and verify that the game works in the simulator.

5. Optional: Troubleshooting

video course troubleshoot Xcode
This lecture will help you troubleshoot an issue in Xcode in case it happens.

6. Provisioning Profile

create app bundle ID provisioning profile
Let's now create a provisioning profile and an app bundle ID.

7. Create the app in iTunes

ios programming tutorial flappy bird
We will now create the app in the iTunes Connect dashboard.

8. iAd and leaderboards Setup

setup iad leaderboards itunes connect
Let's edit some app settings in iTunes Connect.

9. Advertising accounts setup

set up advertising accounts ios tutorial
This lecture mentions a pinball game. The advertising accounts set up is the same for every game, as well as for this Flappy Bird clone game.

10. Setting up Admob

admob setup ios app tutorial
In this lecture, we will explain how to set up an account with the Admob Advertising network.

11. Icons and Launch Images - part 1

flappy bird source code clone tutorial
In this video, we will take care of the icons and the Launch images (splash screen).

12. Icons and Launch Images - part 2

flappy bird game clone ios video tutorial
This is the second part of how to change the icons and launch images of the Flappy Bird game clone

13. Modifying main game graphics - part 1

ios video course flappy bird clone
We will now take care of the main game graphics such as the main crocodile/fairy character.

14. Modifying main game graphics - part 2

create flappy bird game clone course
Let's carry on with the second part of modifying the main game graphics.

15. Changing sound files

ios programming tutorial change game sounds
Let's now take care of changing the sound files, background music, and sound effects.

16. Game settings - part 1

ios app development tutorial create flappy bird clone
We will now change the settings from the advertising networks and leaderboards.