Create your own Jumpy Skating iPhone game clone Page 2

iOS App Development Tutorial Section

Create your own Jumpy Skating iPhone game clone - Page 2

13. Resizing the Main Character images

resize mobile graphic assets iPad iPhone
Let's now resize the main character's images from the iPad size down to the iPhone's.

14. Testing the New Main Character Graphics

jumpy skating game iOS simulator
We now should be able to see all our resized main character's image assets. Let's now run the Jumpy Skating game in the iOS simulator.

15. Creating the Background Images - part 1

jumpy skating game create background images
Let's now focus on creating the background images.

16. Creating the Background Image - part 2

jumpy skating game ios app development tutorial
We're now going to take care of the second background image.

17. Creating the Background Images - part 3

ios simulator jumpy skating game
At this point, our background images are created. Let's do a Product Clean and run the game in the simulator to see the changes.

18. Creating the Background Images - part 4

ios programming tutorial jumpy skating game
We will now get rid of the clouds in the game and replace them with our own.

19. Creating Bricks and Sidewalk images

change game graphics jumpy skating tutorial
Let's take care of the moving bricks, sidewalk images and walls.

20. Testing Bricks, Sidewalk, Background Images

ios app development tutorial test game simulator
We will now be testing the blocks, bricks, sidewalk and the background images in the iOS Simulator.

21. Creating the User Interfaces Menu Items and Buttons

change jumpy skating game buttons
Let's now change the title and the buttons right above it, such as the gamecenter, facebook, and the twitter button.

22. Testing the Customized User Interface and Menus

ios developer tutorial jumpy skating game
In the previous lecture, we've changed the user interface. We just need to verify what we have done in the simulator and test it.

23. Modifying the Upgrade Items Images

jumpy skating pick up upgrade items
As the game goes on, the character needs to pick up upgrade items. We will need to change each of these items.

24. Creating a Professional App Icon

jumpy skating create professional app icon
We will now be creating a professional app icon.