Create your own Jumpy Skating iPhone game clone Page 3

iOS App Development Tutorial Section

Create your own Jumpy Skating iPhone game clone - Page 3

25. Resizing Icons for devices

resize ios app icons jumpy skating
Resizing Icons for iPhones, iPad sizes, Standard & Retina Display

26. Updating the Icon Assets File

verify app icons work in simulator
At this point, we changed all the icons in the resource folder. After we do a Product clean, we need to make sure the icons work by going to the home screen in the iOS simulator.

27. Chartboost and Applovin IDs

set up Chartboost and Applovin ad networks
Once your app is in the app store, you wanna get paid. One way is through the ad networks. We will be setting up Chartboost and Applovin ad networks in this video.

28. Gameplay Screenshots - part 1

taking game screenshots iTunes app store
Now is a good time to take screenshots. They will be displaying in the iTunes App Store and later be viewed by potential users who will download your app.

29. Gameplay Screenshots for App Store - part 2

professional screenshot templates mobile apps
After taking our screenshots, we will be using screenshot templates to go the extra mile and make them look more professional.

30. Creating App Settings in Itunes connect

app settings itunes connect website
We will now go to the iTunes Connect website so that we can create and enter the different app settings.

31. Enable iAd Network

enable iad banner mobile app tutorial
We are now going to set up and enable the iAd banner.

32. Game Center Leaderboards

Game Center Leaderboards iTunes Connect
In this video, we will create a leaderboard. It's a place where you can post your best scores and also check your scores against other players.

33. Getting Ready to Submit the App

publish jumpy skating game app store
We are now approaching the final phase. Getting ready to publish the game to the app store after being reviewed by an Apple technician.

34. Publishing to the App Store - part 1

xcode app organizer submit app store
At this point, once you click on Product Archive, you should see the organizer opening. The organizer is part of Xcode and shows you some information about your app.

35. Publishing to the App Store - part 2

ios video tutorial course app source code
The game is now being uploaded and getting submitted to the app store successfully.