Create your own Jumpy Skating iPhone game clone

iOS App Development Tutorial Section

Create your own Jumpy Skating iPhone game clone

In this iOS app development tutorial, you will create your own Jumpy Skating iPhone game clone and publish it in the Apple App Store.
If you have ever tried to make a mobile app, you surely know that things cant get pretty hard if you're missing a step. With this app video course tutorial, you get the full Jumpy Skating game source code clone as well as what you need to know to publish your game to the app store.
Enjoy the course!

Download the Jumpy Skating source code (contains 2 source codes zip files)
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1. Apple Developer Registration

become a licensed Apple Developer tutorial
You need to be a licensed Apple Developer to create apps and publish them in the app store.

2. Get XCode Tool

download xcode to make mobile games tutorial
You also need a software called XCode in order to build your game and compile all the resources.

3. Download Source Code

Download Jumpy Skating source code ios
Download source code and verify the game works on your machine.

4. iOS Certificates

ios certificate bundle ID app store
You will also need to create an iOS Certificate and a bundle ID so you can build your app and publish it on iTunes.

5. Provisioning Profile

create provisioning profile app ID
We will now show you how to create an app ID and then create a provisioning profile.

6. Setting Up Applovin Account

Applovin advertising network setup
One of the advertising channel we're going to use is the Applovin advertising network.

7. Setting Up Chartboost Account

set up chartboost advertising network
We're also going to be using the Chartboost advertising network. The video talks about a Pinball game, however, the Chartboost account set up is the same.

8. Choosing a new theme

jumpy skating game graphics Xcode
In this video, we will be working on changing the game graphics and where they are within Xcode.

9. Modifying Game Graphics - part 1

In this lecture, we will be modyfing the main character's game graphics.

10. Modifying Game Graphics - part 2

mobile app select game graphics
Let's now head to openclipart and select a few game graphics.

11. Modifying Game Graphics, Main Character - part 3

modify mobile game graphics photoshop
We're now done downloading the main character's graphics. We will modify some graphics via Photoshop.

12. Modifying Character Graphics in Photoshop

edit mobile app graphic assets photoshop
Still within Photoshop, we will carry on editing our remaining graphic assets