Create a Math Quiz iOS Game without coding Page 2

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Create a Math Quiz iOS Game without coding - Page 2

13. Customizing Game Graphics

add graphic game assets mobile app source code
After finding some good free graphics, we will need to add them into the math quiz source code.

14. Customizing Text Fonts

learn ios programming
Let's now focus on changing and customizing our own game fonts.

15. Getting Familiar with Images Usage

ios programming tutorial
Let's now take care of changing the buttons of the game within Xcode

16. Customizing Main Background Image

customize app reskin math quiz tutorial
We will now change the main background image.

17. Modifying the Game Logo

modify app game logo
Let's now work on the game logo and modify it.

18. Creating the App Icon

change game icon with photoshop
We will now be creating the game icon using Adobe Photoshop.

19. Creating Multiple Icon Sizes

math quiz game app icons
Next step will be to create the several app icon sizes for our math quiz game.

20. Creating Launch Images

change splash screen luanch image mobile app
Let's modify and change the launch image or splash screen within Xcode.

21. App Settings in Itunes Connect

math quiz game settings tutorial
Let's now take care of our math quiz game settings.

22. Adding the Game Center Leaderboard

math quiz game leaderboard
We will now be setting up the Game Center Leaderboard.