Create a Math Quiz iOS Game without coding Page 3

iOS App Development Tutorial Section

Create a Math Quiz iOS Game without coding - Page 3

23. Adding App ID

where to get app ID review ratings
In this lecture, we will handle the App ID for App review and ratings in the app store.

24. Setting Up Advertising IDs

mobile app advertising networks setup tutorial
Let's take care of all our advertising networks. Let's make sure that we gather all our ID's first.

25. Publishing to the App Store - part 1

publish math quiz game itunes app store
We're now getting ready to publish our math quiz game in the Apple app store for review.

26. Publishing to the App Store - part 2

Xcode organizer distribute apple app store
Opening the organizer, after doing a product archive in Xcode. You will see your file to distribute.

27. Publishing to the App Store - part 3

learn ios programming
The file is now getting uploaded, so it can be published in the iTunes app store.

28. Professional App Icons - Must Have

best app professional icons
If you're planning on doing your best in the mobile industry, you definitely need to have great icons.

29. Expand Your App Portfolio

grow mobile app portfolio tutorial
What you may want to do next is to grow your app portfolio and expand your business.

30. Forseeing Upcoming trends

mobile app business trends
In this lecture, we will talk about finding different ways to get ahead of the curve when it comes to trends.

31. Following Industry News and Updates

mobile app reskinning industry tips
In the mobile app reskinning industry, it is very important to pay attention to the trends.

32. Mobile App Reskinning Podcast

mobile app reskinning podcast
The World First Mobile App Reskinning Podcast with news and experts talks about the business and their app portofolio.