Create a Math Quiz iOS Game without coding

iOS App Development Tutorial Section

Create a Math Quiz iOS Game without coding

In this iOS app development tutorial, you will learn to create an iOS Math Quiz Game without programming.
You will then publish your Math Quiz game in the iTunes App Store

Download the Math Quiz source code
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1. Apple Registration Process

create math quiz ios app
You will need to create a developer account with Apple in order to create apps and games, to then publish in the iTunes app store.

2. Get Xcode Tool

math quiz app development tutorial
We need a tool called Xcode to be able to customize the app or game.

3. iOS Distribution Certificate

ios math quizz mobile app
Apple needs to know that you're the one who owns the game. You will need to create a bundle ID and an iOS certificate.

4. App Provisioning Profile

create app ID ios development tutorial
After getting the iOS certificate, the next step is to create an app ID.

5. Chartboost & Revmob Advertising Network

chartboost revmob account setup
Chartboost & Revmob Advertising Network Account Setup
The video tutorial talks about a Pinball game. The procedure is the same to create the advertising accounts for your math quiz app.

6. Upsight (Playhaven) Advertising

Setup Upsight (Playhaven) Advertising Account
We will also be using another advertising network called Upsight (Playhaven) and set it up.

7. Applovin Advertising Account Setup

Applovin Advertising network setup
We will also create an account with the Applovin Advertising network.

8. Admob Advertising Account Setup

setup Admob Advertising network
In this lecture, we will explain how to set up an account with the Admob Advertising network.

9. Optional: Admob banner Live mode

ios app development tutorial
In this lecture, we will show you how to turn your Admob banner Live mode ON

10. Download Source Code & Verify Game Works

math quiz game ios tutorial
We now will be downloading the math quiz app source code & and check that the game works in the iPhone simulator.

11. Source Code Files & Xcode

learn ios programming
We just verified the source code runs just fine. let's now dive into Xcode and get familiar with the math quiz source code files.

12. Finding Free Graphic Assets Online

find graphic resources for apps games
We just selected a theme for our math quiz game. We will now go and find free resources and assets online.