Create a professional memory game for iPhone with Swift and SpriteKit

iOS App Development Tutorial Section

Create a professional memory game app for iPhone

This iOS app development tutorial will teach you how to build a nifty memory game with Swift and SpriteKit.
You will learn the syntax of Swift, the latest most-efficient language used to develop for iOS, as well as important design patterns and best practices. By the end of the course, you should be able to understand and recreate many of the features seen on popular iOS games and extend that knowledge to making apps of your own.
In this course, you will be building a complete game from scratch and turn it into a fully functional memory card matching game. We will be covering different topics:

  1. Learn Swift, the language used to develop all native iOS and Mac apps.
  2. The latest technology platforms from Apple: iOS8 and XCode 6.
  3. GameKit: Learn how to create world leaderboard, authenticate the user to the Apple Game Center, and submit best scores.
  4. Storyboard: Learn how to create custom launch screens using Appleā€™s graphical interface builder.
  5. Rate & Review App: learn how to use a third party Objective-C library that let the user rate and review your app, by creating a bridge from Objective-C to Swift.
  6. Internal data storage: Learn how to store game data settings on your device and how to retrieve them.
  7. iAD: Learn how to monetize your app or game using their advertising banner.
  8. Icons: learn how to add your very own icons.
  9. Sounds: learn how to add sound files and play them.

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OPTIONAL: Refer to this course if you need a bit of a walk-through to create your app settings in iTunes Connect. If you also need to know how to submit your game in the iTunes app store, watch any of our app reskinning video course tutorials on this site such as the "Create your own Swing Copters iPhone Game Clone" for example.

NOTE: If you decide to use the word "memory" in your app reskin version of this game, note that Apple said that the word "memory" is patented in Germany. You can either remove the word memory from your game title, or submit your game for all the countries except Germany in your iTunes settings.
Download files for the memory card game for iPhone Project
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1. Create the Memory Game project

Create memory game project xcode
In this video lecture, we will create the Memory Game project in xcode using Swift and SpriteKit.

2. Add images files

memory card game iPhone xcasset folder
We will now be adding images files to the xcasset folder.

3. Add sound files

learn ios programming sound files
Let's now add sound files to the xcode project.

4. Clean up

ios video tutorial card game
We will now clean up the blank game project.

5. Adding swift constants

ios developer tutorial swift constants
In this video, we will add swift constants for image file names.

6. Adding the background

ios app development tutorial memory game
Let's add the background to the scene.

7. Fixing frame settings

ios memory card game tutorials
We will carry on with fixing the blank spritekit swift project default frame settings.

8. Adding the game menu

game menu sprite kit nodes
Let's add the game menu using sprite kit nodes.

9. Triggering the code

tutorial ios memory game
We will now trigger the code when a menu item is pressed using swift.

10. Fade the menu in

ios memory game swift
Let's take care of the code logic to fade menu in and out using swift.

11. Create variables

create variables xcode swift
We will now continue with creating variables to build the card board using swift.

12. Create card board

code logic swift language
Off to creating the card board code logic with swift.