Create Your Own Stay in the Line Game Clone Page 2

iOS App Development Tutorial Section

Create Your Own 'Stay in the Line' Game Clone - Page 2

11. Creating Game Logo

Stay in the line game logo flappy bird font
In this video, we are going to optionally use the same font as the one used for Flappy Bird. We will show you how to get it and apply it to the game logo.

12. Creating the Game Icon

Stay in the Line game icon tutorial
We will now create the game icon. We will run the game and take a screenshot from there to be used as our game icon.

13. Resizing the game icons

Stay on the line resize game icon
In this lecture, we will be resizing the game icon to different sizes.

14. Taking Gameplay Screenshots

Stay in the line take screenshots
We will now be taking gameplay screenshots for all device sizes. TO do that we will need to run the game into several iOS simulators so we can then publish our game to the App Store.

15. Itunes Connect Setting part 1

Stay in the line itunes connect settings
We will now create the settings in iTunes Connect. We will go into the game source code and modify the fields in the "info" tab.

16. Itunes Connect Setting part 2 - leaderboard

Stay in the line game leaderboard itunes connect
Now that we have the game in iTunes connect, we will continue working on other settings. We will be applying the Apple ID, the Leaderboard ID into the source code project. We will alsop be setting up the game center leaderboards from scratch.

17. Advertising IDs in XCode Global file

Advertising IDs Xcode game app
In this lecture, we will be working on the Advertising IDs for Admob, Revmob and Chartboost. We will go to the file that hosts all network advertising IDs and show you where to update them.

18. Archiving and Publishing to iTunes App Store - part 1

archiving process itunes connect app store
We are now ready to submit the game to the App Store for review. We will now be working on the "code signing identity" section withing the "Build Settings" tab within your Xcode project.

19. Uploading Process

Submit game app store ios tutorial
We're now approaching the end of the archiving process. We will guide you to the different steps until your game gets submitted to the App Store for review.