Create Your Own Stay in the Line Game Clone

iOS App Development Tutorial Section

Create Your Own 'Stay in the Line' Game Clone

This iOS App Development tutorial will show you how to publish your very own iPhone game to the iTunes App Store, a clone of the Stay in the Line famous game.
You will learn:
How to get you Apple iOS developer license.
How to make passive income from advertising banners within the game.
Simple images editing techniques to make game graphics efficiently and quickly.

Use the download button below to get the 'Stay in the Line' Game Clone source code.

Download the source code here
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1. Apple Registration Process

how to become an apple developer tutorial
We need an Apple developer license to be able to publish apps to the iTunes app store. Let's go through the whole process.

2. Get Xcode Tool

download get xcode tool ios tutorial course
We now need to get Xcode Tool for our project.

3. Download Full Source Code and Open it in XCode

Stay in the line iOS game video tutorial
Download the Full Stay in the Line Source Code clone and Open it in XCode.

4. Creating the iOS Certificate

create apple certificate ios programming tutorial
We will now create the iOS Certificate.

5. App Provisioning Profile

create app provisioning profile ios tutorial
Next step will be to create the identifiers, the app ID and then create a provisioning profile.
It's basically connecting the certificate to the identifier.

6. Chartboost and Revmob Accounts

setting up chartboost revmob advertising networks
We will be explaining the Chartboost and Revmob advetising networks accounts setup.
The video talks about the Pinball game, however, please note that this is the same process of setting up the ad networks for the Stay in the Line game clone.

7. Google Admob Account Setup & Banner ID

Set up Google Admob Account tutorial
In this lecture, we will set up the Google Admob Account Banner ID and go through the steps.

8. The Main Character Images

Stay in the line ios game change graphics
In this lecture, we will change the chicken character to a car.
We will go into the bonus folder to grab the car graphics and replace the ones we currently have.

9. Creating Road Graphics - part 1

Stay in the line game create racing tracks
In this video, we're going to handle the graphics for the pipes. We will remove the pipes to create the racing tracks via Photoshop.

10. Creating Road Graphics - part 2

Stay in the Line road ios video tutorial
In the previous lecture, we changed the pipes into roads. We will now be changing the sky area graphics into a road track.