Create your own Swing Copters iPhone Game Clone

iOS App Development Tutorial Section

In this iOS app development tutorial, you will publish your own version of the "Swing Copters" iPhone Game in the Apple app store
With this tutorial, you also get the full source code of a game clone called Swing Chicken Copters.
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Enjoy the tutorial!

Download the Swing Copters source code clone
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1. Apple Developer License

ios development tutorial swing copters game
You will need an Apple developer license to be able to publish apps in the iTunes app store.

2. Get XCode Software

swing copters ios programming tutorial
Get a software called Xcode. It will be used to build games after creating an executable file.

3. Download full Source Code

ios app developer tutorial swing copters
Download the full Source Code and test the game in simulator

4. Create the iOS certificate

ios programming tutorial apple certificates
You need an Apple certificate to build games and apps and publish them to the Apple app store.

5. App Provisioning profile

swing copters game ios video tutorials
Let's now create an app ID and set up our provisioning profiles.

6. Folder structure

Swing Copters Xcode app template
Let's take a look at what graphics we will need to change in the game.

7. Modifying App Settings - part 1

ios app development tutorial swing copters game template
We now need to find out what our game theme is going to be about.

8. Modifying App Settings - part 2

iOS Programming tutorial app store optimization
A quick overview about App Store Optimization and how it will affect your app ranking.

9. Finding Images and Sounds

swing copters game clone video tutorial
We're now going to be looking for graphic assets for our swing copters game clone.

10. Modifying Background Image

swing copters game app reskinning tutorial
Let's now modify the background image.

11. Modifying Main Character images

ios course tutorials swing copters
In this lecture, we will handle the main game character.

12. Modifying Game Variables

Xcode modify variables app reskinning
We will now dive into modifying a few variables within Xcode.

13. Changing Game Title

Let's take care of the game title.

14. Drawing Game Icon

swing copters game icons
In this lecture, we will focus on the game icons.