Create a Word Search Puzzle game for iOS Page 2

iOS App Development Tutorial Section

Create a Word Search Puzzle game for iOS - Page 2

13. Modifying screens for iPads

word search puzzle game iPad graphics
In this lecture, we will work on the graphics for the iPad.

14. Editing the words to find

word search puzzle game edit words to find
In this lecture, we're going to show you how to change the words themselves in the Xcode project.

15. Word packages to buy

We will now be working on the word settings for the packages you actually buy in the app.

16. Creating Launch Images

word search puzzle game create launch images tutorial
In this lecture, we will be working on creating the launch images with Photoshop or Gimp.

17. Resizing the launch images

change launch images colors word search puzzle
We will now adjust the color of the default launch images so that we can replace the old ones with the new launch images we created.

18. Creating the App Icons

create app icon word search puzzle ios tutorial
We are going to create the game icons.

19. Resizing the Icons

resize app icon word search puzzle game
In this lecture, We are going to create other icons with different sizes.

20. Adding the icon of size 120 pixels

word search puzzle game icon 120 pixels
Now, We're going to take care of the 120 pixels icon.

21. Adding the icons of iPad dimensions

word search puzzle iPad icons dimensions
We will now handle the icons for the iPad dimensions such as the 76 and the 152 pixels app icons.

22. Connecting icon images to Xcode project

word search puzzle game connect icon images
We are now going to connect the icon images created to the source code in Xcode.

23. Taking gameplay screenshots

how to take screenshots ios game app tutorial
In this lecture, we will show you how to take screenshots of your game. We do need screenshots since they will be displayed in the iTunes App Store. When people buy or download your game, it's important that they see screenshots of the game.

24. Taking iPad screenshots

Word search puzzle ipad screenshots
We will now take screenshots for the iPad version.