Create a Word Search Puzzle game for iOS Page 3

iOS App Development Tutorial Section

Create a Word Search Puzzle game for iOS - Page 3

25. Modifying the in-app purchase screen

modify in-app purchases screen ios tutorial
We will now be handling the in-app purchases screen.

26. Taking screenshots in-app purchase screen

screenshots in-app purchases screen game
We can now see the modifications of our in-app purchases screen. We will take a screenshot of it.

27. Modifying app settings in xcode

iTunes Connect game settings tutorial
We're going to work on the game settings, the ones that will be used inside iTunes Connect.

28. Creating iTunes connect app settings

iTunes connect settings app store
Let's head now to iTunes Connect and create those settings.

29. Modifying app IDs - app rating and review

word search puzzle modify app id
Now that we have the basic settings in iTunes Connect, we will modify the app ID.

30. In-app purchases - part 1

word search puzzle in-app purchases
We will now take care of the in-app purchases acessible through the "coin" button within the game.

31. In-app purchases - part 2

in-app purchases settings word search puzzle
In the previous lecture, we took care of the first "coin" pack in-app purchases. We will now modify the rest of the "coin" packs.

32. In-app settings to unlock packs

unlock packs in-app purchase
Let's set up the in-app settings to unlock packs.

33. Selecting all in-app purchases in ITC

select in-app purchases iTunes Connect tutorial
Once you're done with the in-app purchases, it's time to go back to the main Itunes Connect screen, select all the in-app purchases and enable them.

34. Testing in-app purchases

test in-app purchases ios simulator
We want to verify that the in-app purchases work in the iPhone simulator. Let's make sure we see the price points on each purchasable items.

35. Updating Contact information in-game

xcode app contact in-game information
In this course, we will be editing the email address by which people will be able to leave you some feedback or to contact you.

36. Local notification messages

word search puzzle local notification messages
We're now going to add local s notification messages in the game.