Create a Word Search Puzzle game for iOS Page 4

iOS App Development Tutorial Section

Create a Word Search Puzzle game for iOS - Page 4

37. App Display Name

update app display name xcode
We will now update the app display name at other locations.

38. Social Media Integration

word search puzzle social media sharing functionality
This source code comes with social media sharing functionality. We are going to customize it.

39. Modifying Admob advertising banner IDs

ios app change advertising networks ID
In this lecture, we will be changing the advertising networks IDs, Admov, Revmob and Chartboost.

40. Admob banner IDs for iPad devices.

Admob banner iPad setup
We will show you how to Modify the Admob banner for iPad devices.

41. Fine Tuning the Admob Banner Settings

Admob Banner Settings tutorial
In this video, we will show you how you can play with the Admob settings for the banner IDs.

42. Chartboost and Revmob IDs

advertising networks chartboost revmob
We're now going to take care of the other advertising networks, Chartboost and Revmob.

43. Preparing to Publish

publish word search puzzle game app store
We are getting ready to publish the word search puzzle game to the App Store.

44. Uploading the app executable

submit word search puzzle app store
Once you are done with the Product Archive, you will be able to see the next and final step to submit your game to the App Store for review.

45. Publication Process Successful, what's next

ios app development tutorial submit game itunes connect
We now have uploaded the game successfully. You will just need to wait for an Apple technician to review your app before it is ready for sale in the iTunes App Store.