Create a Word Search Puzzle game for iOS

iOS App Development Tutorial Section

Create a Word Search Puzzle game for iOS

In this iOS app development tutorial, you will learn to create your own Word Search Puzzle game for iOS and publish it to the App store.
Every single step is explained in the following tutorial videos.
This classic word search game works for iPhones and iPads. (iOS 8 ready, universal app). We have also integrated advertising banner in this game so you can make money everytime someone is playing your game.
We will show you how to set up the advertising banners as well. This is page 1 of 4.
Enjoy the tutorial!

Use the download button below to get the Word Search Puzzle game source code.

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1. Apple Registration Process

how to become a licensed apple developer
We need an Apple developer license to be able to publish apps to the iTunes app store.

2. Get Xcode Tool

download get xcode ios app development tutorial
We need a tool called XCode to be able to customize the app or game. Here we're downloading it and opening it.

3. Download Source Code & Verify Game Works

download word search puzzle source code
We're going to download the word search puzzle source code and open it. We will check that the game works when we launch it.

4. Creating the iOS Certificate

create iOS certificate
You will now need to create an iOS Certificate. This will ensure that you're the one who owns that particular game.

5. App Provisioning Profile

create app provisioning profile ios tutorial
In this lecture, we need to create the identifiers, the app ID and then create a provisioning profile.
Basically, the provisioning profile connects the certificate to the identifier.

6. Chartboost and Revmob Accounts

chartboost revmob advertising networks setup
NOTE: the video tutorial talks about the pinball game. The setup process is identical. Just use your game name instead of "pinball".
Chartboost & Revmob are advertising networks that will generate money through advertising. We're going through account creation and app setup.

7. Google Admob Account Setup

Set up Google Admob Account tutorial
In this video, we will create the Google Admob Account Banner ID and go through the different steps.

8. Graphic Assets Overview

Set up Google Admob Account tutorial
In this lecture, we will get familiar with the game graphic assets. We will inspect each graphic folder to see what they contain.

9. Changing Theme Colors

change word search puzzle theme color ios tutorial
This video will show you where and how to change the colors of this theme.

10. Changing other Screens Colors

word search puzzle game change screen colors
We will now take care of the second screen and change its colors.

11. Modifying Home Screen Graphics

word search puzzle game home screen title colors
We will continue with modifying the home screen graphics and the title's colors.

12. Modifying Home Screen Images

tutorial word search puzzle game change images
We will now change the colors os the home screen images