How to Create Your App Settings in iTunes Connect

iOS App Development Tutorial Section

This iOS app development tutorial, we will show and guide you through different steps you need to take in order to create your app settings in iTunes Connect.
We will go from taking screenshots for your app to setting up the Game Center leaderboard.
Enjoy the video tutorial!

1. How to take Screenshots

How to take app screenshots iTunes
In this video lecture, we will you how to take screenshots for all iphone sizes.

2. Create your app settings

Create app in iTunes App Store
We will now learn how to create an app in iTunes Connect, which is where your app settings are going to get pulled from.

3. Icon screenshot and app details

iTunes app settings screenshots
Let's now add the screenshots and fill in the app details.

4. How to get the App ID

How to get the App ID iTunes
This video will show you where to grab your app ID in iTunes Connect so you can copy and paste it in your source code.

5. iTunes Connect Leaderboard

Set up leaderboard game center itunes
You will need to enable the Game Center for any app that has or require a leaderboard. We're going to show you how to set that up in this video.