How to create a Tip Calculator Apple Watch app with Swift

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How to create a Tip Calculator Apple Watch app with Swift

This iOS app development tutorial will guide you through creating a very simple but useful tip calculator Apple Watch app with Swift.
This Apple watch app will calculate for you three different levels of gratuity percentage. Just enter your bill amount.
This Tip Calculator Apple Watch app comes in very handy when eating at your favorite location.
Enjoy the tutorial!

Use the download button below to get the project files in ZIP format for the below Tip Calculator Apple Watch tutorial.
You will find the files for the lectures 2 to 6.

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1. Introduction of the tip calculator watch app

Tip Calculator Apple Watch App Watchkit Swift
In this first iOS video turorial, we will introduce and demo the tip calculator watch app using Swift and what it will do for you.

2. Create the Tip Calculator project in Xcode

iOS app development tutorial Tip Calculator Xcode
In this lecture, we will create the Apple Watch Tip Calculator project in xcode

3. Create tip calculator user interface

iOS video tutorial tip calculator user interface
After creating the project in Xcode, we will now create tip calculator watch screen user interacae using the storyboard

4. Connect wkinterfacelabel and wkinterfacebutton

iOS development tutorial connect wkinterfacelabel wkinterfacebutton
We will now be connecting the wkinterfacelabel and the wkinterfacebutton to the code using the assistant editor

5. Increase or decrease bill amount

iOS developer tutorial change bill amount
In this iOS video tutorial, we are going to write the code logic to increase or decrease the bill amount

6. Update the tip amount

iOS app development tutorial update tip amount
In this lecture, we will work on updating the tip amount on the apple watch screen

7. Refactor code into one function

Refactor code watch app iOS app development tutorial
In this lecture, we are going to clean up some code and avoid repeating the same functions. We will create one function that combines both and test the watch app in the simulator