How to monetize your app with the best advertising networks Page 2

iOS App Development Tutorial Section

How to monetize your app with the best advertising networks Page 2

10. Add Include Headers References

iOS video tutorial Chartboost Headers References
After adding the Chartboost framework and dependencies, we will now add the Includes

11. Code Initial Setup Methods

iOS video tutorial Chartboost link chartboost account
In this lesson, you will learn how to configure and set up Chartboost programatically so that it links to your personal Chartboost account

12. Call Chartboost Show Ad Action

iOS app development tutorial chartboost call show ad
Chartboost is now setup, you will now need to find the piece of code that displays the show ad action

13. Troubleshoot common upgrade errors

iOS video tutorial Chartboost troubleshoot errors
In this lecture, we will learn to troubleshoot common upgrade errors that may occur and learn how to fix them

14. Verify Chartboost Ad displays in Simulator

iOS training video tutorial chartboost ad simulator
In this iOS tutorial, we will launch the game in the simulator to check how the Chartboost ad in action

How to add Revmob Advertising Network from scratch

15. Download Revmob SDK and Add to Xcode

iOS video training tutorial download Revmob SDK
In this lecture, we will download the Revmob SDK and add it to Xcode

16. Add Revmob dependencies and Search Paths

iOS video tutorial download Revmob framework
In this lesson, you will learn to add other frameworks from the iOS SDK to complete the setup of Revmob

17. Display the Revmob Full Screen Ad

iOS app development tutorial Revmob Full Screen Ad
We are going now to call some code to get Revmob to show a full size banner