How to use the Swift Playgrounds

iOS App Development Tutorial Section

How to use the Swift Playgrounds

In this course, you will learn how to create and interact with the new swift playgrounds.

1. How to create a playground in Xcode using Swift language

Add swift playground Xcode
We're creating the iOS xcode project and adding a Swift playground.

2. What is a Swift Playground and How to use playgrounds

how to use swift playgrounds Xcode
We're learning how to create a Playground using Swift and how to use them. You will notice that anything that you type will get interpreted, evaluated right away.

3. Array manipulation in Swift Playgrounds

manipulate arrays playgrounds swift collections
In this lecture, we will learn how to interact with array data in playgrounds. Playgrounds are great with collections and arrays.

4. How to use Swift Playground graph for maths and algebra

swift playgrounds maths algebra graphs
We're using Swift playground to create nice graphs that are perfect for your math classes and homework.