Intro to iOS Programming using Swift

iOS App Development Tutorial Section

Intro to iOS Programming using Swift

In this iOS app development tutorial, you will be able to get a basic understanding on the fundamentals of iOS programming using the Swift language. This will work on devices such as iPhones, iPads and Apple watches at the moment.
We also developed a series of training excercises for you to complete. This is an excellent starting point for you to test your general understanding on the following fundamentals basic programming concepts tutorials using Swift. You may work on them after each lesson (lecture 2+) or you may just watch all the tutorials at once first. This is page 1 of 3. Scroll down to get to page 2.

1. Intro to iOS Programming

iOS app development tutorial Learn iOS Programming
Introduction to Programming
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2. Programming Basic Concepts

iOS developer tutorial Programming Concepts Constant Variables
Basic Programming Concepts
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3. Data Types Part 1

ios developer program iOS video tutorial
Learn about Data Types Part 1
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Addendum:  There is a typo in the range of 8-bit/16-bit and 32 bit int values. We are missing one negative value. (i.e -128 instead of -127). Same goes for the other ranges.

4. Data Types Part 2

iOS tutorial Programmming Data Types Boolean
Learn about Data Types Part 2

5. Operators

Programmming Basic Arithmetic Operators | iOS Developer tutorial
Learn about the basic arithmetic operators
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6. Conditional Statements

Learn Programmming ios developer program
Learn about Conditional Statements
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7. Control Flow Statements

Control Flow Statements | iOS Developer tutorial
Learn about the basic arithmetic operators
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8. Functions

Learn what is a function iOS appp development tutorial
In this iOS programming tutorial, you will learn what a function is and how to declare it
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9. Collections

iOS app development tutorial Collections programming
Learn what Collections are used for in Programming
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10. Classes and Objects - part 1

iOS app development tutorial Classes Objects
This video tutorial will explain to you what is a Class in Swift. You'll learn about properties and methods
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11. Classes and Objects - part 2

ios developer program
In this iOS video tutorial, we will carry on with part two of Classes and Objects programming, more in-depth.
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