How to make your iPhone game in one day no coding Page 2

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How to make your iPhone game in one day no coding - Page 2

13. Modifying Game Assets: Pinball Images

pinball game modify bumper images tutorial
We will need to modify the main Pinball table background image and the bumper images.
Download Pinball Game Reskin Game Assets Pinball Images (file)

14. Testing the game

test pinball game iphone device simulator course
Before publishing your app in the App Store, you need to make sure that everythings works. Run some testing either in the simulator or you can test the game on an actual iPhone device.
Download Pinball Game Reskin Testing The Game (file)

15. Game Name & Keyword Optimization Techniques

Keyword Optimization Techniques ASO ios tutorial
The goal of this tutorial of to teach you a few Keyword Optimization Techniques. It will be useful to increase your game exposure in the Apple App Store.
Download Pinball Game Reskin Game Name & Keyword Optimization Techniques (file)

16. Anticipating Upcoming Trends

anticipate upcoming trend ios game development
In this video, we will give you a few examples of where to look when you try to anticipate upcoming trend and find a theme for your game
Download Pinball Game Reskin Anticipating Upcoming Trends (file)

17. Publishing Game to the Apple App Store

publish pinball game app store video tutorial
Let's now work on the final settings before publishing the game to the app store.
Download Pinball Game Reskin Publishing To The App Store (file)

18. Update: Publishing with XCode 5 - addendum

pinball archive process apple store xcode
We will show you how the Archive process has been updated from Xcode 5+.

19. iTunes Connect inapp purchase Warning Notes

iTunes Connect in-app purchases Warning
We will now show you what do do if you get a "you do not currently have a iOS paid apps contract in effect" pop up message when you try to set up your in-app purchases.
Download Turn ON Inapp Purchase And Connect (file)

20. Game Analytics and Advertising Analytics

itunes connect Game Analytics
Once your app has been published and is ready for sale, you can take a look at how many downloads there are everyday and how much money you made in iTunes Connect.

21. Rinse and Repeat - How To

reskin game source codes bring more revenues
Rinse and Repeat. The goal here is to re-use the pinball game code by publishing multiple reskins of the game in order to keep getting revenues.
Download Pinball Game Reskin Rinse And Repeat (file)

22. Wrapping up and Where to Go from Here

pinball game submitted app store successfully
Congratulations on completing the course and the iOSOnlineCourses team would love to hear from you and your game reskins in the future.
Download Pinball Game Reskin Wrapping Up And Where To Go (file)

23. Get Informed of the Latest Trends and Deals

get informed mobile app industry trends
We will stress the importance of always be on the lookout for new trends. Maximize your chance to be the first when a new wave is coming.

24. Going Professional with Top Icon Templates

importance great looking professional Icon Templates
In this lecture, we will explain the importance of having great looking professional Icon Templates for your apps.