How to make your iPhone game in one day no coding

iOS App Development Tutorial Section

How to make your iPhone game in one day no coding

This iOS app development tutorial will feature a pinball game.
We are going to show you how to reskin and customize it so that it looks like a totally new pinball game
We will then publish it to the Apple App Store.
Besides, the game comes with monetization as we will be adding advertising accounts to display banners during the game.
By the end of this course tutorial , you will have a good grasp on XCode, the iOS interface development environment and Objective C (Obj-C).
Important: Please use Xcode 4 to run and compile this game source code. This is page 1 of 2.
Enjoy the tutorial

Use the download button below to get the Pinball game source code. You will start opening it on lecture number 4.

Download files the Pinball game source code here
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1. Pinball Course Overview

Pinball Course Overview iOS developer tutorial
In this first iOS video tutorial, we will present what the course is about and how you will create your pinball game without any coding.
Download Pinball Game Reskin Introduction (file)

2. Developer Registration Process

iOS app development tutorial Apple Developer Registration
In this lecture, we will show you how to get your Apple Developer license.
Download Pinball Game Reskin Developer Registration Process (file)

3. Download Xcode

iOS video tutorial get Xcode
After getting your Apple Developer license, we will now be downloading XCode and launch it
Download Pinball Game Reskin X Code (file)

4. Pinball Game Setup

iOS development tutorial Pinball Game Setup
What we want to make sure now is that the Pinball game works on your machine. You will need to download the Pinball game source code zip file below
UPDATE: Some of you might get an error when building the app. We will explain how to solve this in the next video: remove 64-bit architecture, just armv7 and armv7s
Download Pinball Game Reskin Game Initial Setup

5. Troubleshooting newer xcode

iOS developer tutorial Troubleshooting newer xcode
In this iOS video tutorial, we are going to fix the error when building the app if you are getting it

6. Advertising Accounts

iOS app development tutorial Advertising Accounts
In this lecture, we will set up Advertising accounts with Chartboost and Revmob so we can monetize the Pinball game app
Download Pinball Game Reskin Advertising Accounts (file)

7. Provisioning Profile & Certificate

Provisioning Profile & Certificate iOS app development tutorial
We will now show you how to create your certificates and provisioning profile in order to publish your game in the App Store
Pinball Game Reskin Certificates And Provisionings
Ios7 Provisioning Profiles Update (file)

8. Provisioning profiles visual feedback

Addendum Ios Video tutorial
Lecture Description: ADDENDUM to the certificate and provisioning profiles on XCode 5 / iOS 7
Download Pinball Game Xcode addendum image

9. Modifying Game Settings

modify pinball ios game setting tutorial
We will now be working on modifying the game settings such as the game name, game decription, have temporary screenshots and so on.
Download Pinball Game Reskin Game Settings (file)

10. Modifying Game Assets: Sounds

modify game sounds pinball course
Let's take care now of the game sounds, We will show you where to update them
Download Pinball Game Reskin Game Assets Sounds (file)

11. Modifying Game Assets: Icon and Launch Image

Pinball game icons launch images tutorial
We will now take care of the game icons and the splash screen (which is the screen that appears when your game is loading the first time).
Download Pinball Game Reskin Game Assets Icon And Launch Image (file)

12. iOS7 - Icons and Launch Images (addendum)

ios 7 game icons launch images settings
With iOS 7, there is an extra step to take care of when it comes to your game icons.
We will be heading to the "General" tab and get to the appropriate launch images and icons sections.