The Business of online Teaching on Udemy Episode Pilot


Meet your podcast host Yohann.

Yohann is an online instructor who has been teaching on Udemy for several years and wants to turn his Udemy adventure into a sustainable business.

Udemy instructors will give their opinion, feedback on their strategies, tell us what has worked for them and what did not.

They will also share with us is they make money with Udemy, and to what extent so that we can help the community learn from them and do the same.

If you are already a Udemy instructor or if you want to know how to become a Udemy instructor and turn your passion into a business, this podcast is for you.




Every online business has a bucket load of tasks that are repetitive. These tasks can easily be documented then delegated to someone else or in our case, a virtual assistant.

We have documented the lifecycle of the creation of a course, whether it is a Udemy course or an online course on any other platform.

Here is a constantly growing list of tasks that can be delegated. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to delegate your tasks to a trustworthy affordable virtual assistant.